About our Church

We Value...

Family & Relationships:  We promote strong marriages, healthy families, and
deep friendships. Our relationship with Christ is the cornerstone to all other

Teaching & Discipleship:  We assist in discovering gifts, guiding in areas of
service, and equipping to serve effectively.  The Bible is our all sufficient rule for
faith and practical living.

Respect:  Our experience with God’s loving grace causes us to share his love with
others by encouraging them, healing their hurts, and giving dignity to every person.  
All people matter to God therefore they matter to us.

Outreach & Evangelism:  We encourage our members to share their faith.  We
support others that spread the Gospel to all nations.  The methods change, but the
salvation message never changes.

Relevance to Culture:  Our ministry will be flexible and adaptable to current trends
and be culturally sensitive in life to successfully communicate the Gospel, without
compromising Biblical standards.

Prayer:  Nothing of eternal value can be accomplished without the corporate and
personal prayers of the saints.

Praise & Worship:  There is freedom in Christ to express different forms and styles
(music, teaching, dancing, art, multimedia) of exaltation and glorification of the true
Creator and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Hungry Valley Christian Fellowship exists to serve the spiritual needs of all people
within the Hungry Valley community and beyond.  We do this through our core
values through both personal relationships and as a corporate body.
About Us